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Exterior Accessories:

Restyling Packages

Tonneau Covers

Tow Hitches

Color Matching

Restyling accessories provide you an effective way to differentiate from others. Designed to overlay the over OEM parts giving the appearence and feel of factory chrome.

- Mirror Cap Covers                          - Pillar Post Covers                     - Tailgate Handle Covers

- Grille Overlays                                - Fuel Door Covers                      - Taillight Bezels  

-Door Handle Covers                      - Rollpans                                     - Wheel Clading

You've lived this long without a tonneau cover. So why get one now? Simple: they save money.

Also known as a truck bed cover, the word tonneau is derived from a French word that refers to the rear-seating compartment of a vehicle. They transform your truck bed into a sheltered compartment, protecting gear, tools and anything else you're hauling from flying out (whether on the wind or in someone else's hands).

Let’s face it, Americans love towing. There’s something about hooking up to a big load of prized horses, or a backhoe, or pulling an RV across a mountain pass that encompasses the freedom that we love. You’ve got a lot riding on your hitch and those relatively small pieces of engineered steel play the leading role in keeping your truck and your trailer connected. The hitch matters to your safety and the safety of our roads.

If chrome isn't your thing and you want a custom look; we can color match various components. Whether it be your wheels, front end, mirrors, pillars, rollpan or bumper we can match the color just as if your vehicle came that way from the show room floor!

Wheel Refinishing (Repair)

Alloy wheel repair is your solution for unsightly curb damage, scratches, and oxidation. Alloy wheels come in many sizes and color variations. Wheel sizes range from 14” to 26” in diameter. The finish of your wheel could be: machined, polished, hyper silver, low or high flake metallic, or even custom painted to match your vehicle. Damage to your wheels can come from: curb damage, wheel weight scratches, low acid spray, lug nut impact wrench, auto accident, and road salt, which leads to oxidation.