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You have to be a different kind of person to be a “hot rodder” it’s something you have or you don’t. Bill Faught is one of those people; he comes from a long line of car enthusiast. His grandfather was the first Reaunalt dealer in Fresno and Bill Faught Sr. owned many body shops and car dealerships in Hanford and Fresno. So, naturally cars and everything about them became a part of Bill and what he has built to date. Like everyone else who has a passion for cars you work your way from sweeping the lot, to washing the cars, to body shop dust, to complete paint jobs. But, paint isn’t the only thing that makes a car great, now…the interior is what brings it all together. Another one of his many jobs was working at McDonald Auto Trim pulling seats, and learning the tricks of the trade. It was at this time that he met fellow hot rodder Garland Sharp.

           With a small loan from his father and a big dream, after graduating from high school…Fresno Unlimited became a reality on December 12, 1977 the date of his first invoice, (which by the way if you have been to the shop is laminated on a piece of wood hanging in the office next to his desk!)  The “shop” as it has become known, started out as one stall off Blackstone and McKinley. Side moldings, tape pinstripe and a courier pickup is how it all began. But bigger things were in store and soon side moldings would become a thing of the past.

           With some years under his belt expanding was the next move….one stall turned into two, body and paint work came naturally from motorcycles,to fenders to complete paint jobs, word of mouth was getting around. Body and paint work were the bread and butter of the business but something else was pulling the shop in a different direction. Mini trucks were the next “Big Thing”; stereo systems would be the next phase of the expansion. Just how much stereo equipment could you fit in a 1977 Ford Courier pickup and blow the doors off the competion? For those of us who know Bill… when he commits to something it’s all or nothing there is nothing in the middle. Not only did the truck have to sound good it had to look even better; a 1986 Chevrolet Crew Cab Dually also known as “Narlee” was just the truck. This truck had to sit just right which led to the next move of the shop….. suspension.

           Suspension was not what we know it to be today…..back in the 80’s you did what you had to, we didn’t have “lowering kits” like we do today. When word got out about the lowering jobs coming out of Fresno Unlimited someone would come calling…and that someone was Bell Tech. One truck build turned into several, and Fresno Unlimited was on the map. But lowering wasn’t limited to trucks…cars needed that special touch…body kits were the next big thing. The shop was expanding and becoming your one stop shop, from pinstripe to complete paint to interior to lowering and wheels and tires you have taken your car or truck from the ordinary to something that was custom made for you.

           It has been 37 years since that first invoice was written, still located in the same spot and not slowing down a bit. Every car and truck that comes into the shop is still treated like one of his own cars, and won’t leave until it’s up to his standards (and if you know Bill those standards can be very high!).  Like Bill Sr. said :”Never forget what made you famous” meaning never forget where you started from. Taking all the knowledge and the passion he has for cars and turning it into a business that has seen some great times and some lean times, but after all the dust settled… he was still standing and that is a true testament to the person he is today.